Scope of Application: Improvement of premises.

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What could be better contemplation of live fire in the fireplace?
Dancing flames fascinate and calm, gentle heat relaxes, creating an atmosphere of comfort and umirotvoreniya.Mantel certainly brings comfort. The atmosphere with fireplace is the ideal place to relax in the evening after a hard day at work, a romantic dinner or that can become a favorite place for meetings and friendly company. Around the fireplace, as a rule, provide a certain comfort zone area and resting place for the whole family.

What we present the term "fire"? - Individual heater consisting of the firebox, chimney and portal. It is all of these elements, combined into a single unit, and referred to as a fireplace. But if the furnace, carries the most part only functional load, it's a portal - a key design element, which is an integral part of the interior of the room in which the fireplace.

Fireplace portal - is a variant of the lining of the hearth. Formally, it does not bear any functional load, but it is a portal - is a "person" fireplace, its front part with a decorative veneer. It was his appearance in many ways characterizes the artistic taste and preferences of the home owner.

The general perception of the fireplace in the design of the room depends on the excellent quality of the selected portal. Including - and on the choice of material for its manufacture.

Traditional natural materials such as granite and marble, of course, are good, but they have the main disadvantage - the high price.

That is why today all gaining popularity fireplace portals, made of decorative concrete (artificial stone), which is essentially no different from natural materials, but its price - 30-40% less!

Fireplace portals of decorative concrete - the beauty at an affordable price!

Portals from -KIVIJALG, technology Marble Concrete can be used for electric hearths for bio pockets and under the wood.
A special dye is distributed throughout the entire thickness of the concrete lining of the fireplace, so it acts like a natural stone, while maintaining its original appearance throughout the service life.
Portals quickly and easily installed - the whole assembly process is based on the principle of "Lego" designer;
high compressive strength - 700 kg / cm2;
high tensile strength index - from 70 kg / cm2

Scope of application: room

Scope of application: Improvement of the territories, squares, parks and squares.

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Scope of application: leisure

Scope of Application:
Improvement of premises.