The main goal of NGOs KIVIYALG (Stone Trace) was the association of individuals - artists Stone case-designers designers, manufacturers, developers of various art forms of exhibition and public products obtained by processing a stone, with the use of decorative concrete, using stone and granite chips, as well as the association of legal entities related to the development, manufacture and sale of stone products, having artistic value.

KIVIYALG NPO organizes the exchange of experience between specialists and improves the processes of manufacture of decorative products made of stone and concrete.
On the initiative of Society hosts a variety of seminars and exhibitions aimed at the exposure and presentation masters of their individual process of stone processing and manufacturing various products.
Under the leadership of the company introduced the development of the special conditions of creativity, the use of various forms of design and further copying.
KIVIYALG NGO is also involved in the acquisition and sale of finished products for individual and public.
Modern vibrocasting technology "Marble from concrete" - new solutions.

Field of manufacturing of architectural concrete.

This technology enables the product with perfect gloss.
Surface and a versatile range of colors that emulate.

Natural stone, such as marble, granite, malachite and other.
Natural stone with the physical and mechanical properties, superior.
Natural counterparts.

Today, decorative concrete is the best kind of imitation materials natural stone.
Its ecological purity, physical and mechanical properties and the consumer,allow wide use of decorative concrete products, as in any.

Interiors and when the facade and landscape works.

In ancient times stones were of great importance in people's lives: they were made of tools, everyday life and hunting. While hewing not require special skills: the material is simply treated with a different stone. Despite the primitive appearance of ancient tools, they greatly simplify the lives of people.

Over time, the scope of application of natural stone only expanded, and stones have been used to create the first objects of art - petroglyphs. Ancient people noticed that some stones allow chipping bits of rock that allows you to create raised images or simply painted surface. Gradually, the development of stone application reached the point that natural stone was used for the creation of ritual objects.

Ability to work with the stone passed down from generation to generation, and quickly perfected every year worldwide began to appear more and more sculptors and architects. The main masters in stone processing were the ancient Greeks, who have made a significant contribution to the development of this area.

Very popular at the time used the marble products and sculpting. For example, the famous Parthenon - the temple of the goddess Athena, it is made of marble. In addition, the greatest Italian sculptor Michelangelo, in many of his works using marble.

However, history is replete with examples proving that the marble was not only popular in architecture and sculpture in natural stone. For example: the Buddha statue located in many parts of Asia, or the Egyptian Sphinx, carved from the rock.
Prior to the beginning of the XIX century the process of natural stone processing require enormous forces.
For the separation of the desired size pieces using a special saw.

During the cutting process under the blade of the tool sprinkled abrasive to accelerate the work. It is used for grinding the material surface.

For high-quality grinding using a special blend of: grit mixed with water and a small stone particles and in order to achieve a shiny surface, used special felted bag, which was also called the doll.

Many masters were looking for a solution to simplify the work with stone.
Today the need for manual labor for stone processing is minimized: the factories automated and refined, and do not require heavy effort.
The exception is when the products require special manual processing.


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Marble from decorative concrete

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