Smaller architectural forms

Small architectural forms in modern construction need to decorate buildings, streets.
This part of the landscape design, which includes numerous garden figures, vases, busts, flower pots, fountains, waterfalls, urns, columns, pedestals
and a variety of fences. Architectural concrete, which is used as a building material.It allows to embody many ideas and concepts of architects and designers.
Due to such properties as durability, frost resistance, resistance exposure to salts, precipitation, temperature, any figure of such
Concrete has a long life and the possibility of using color invoicing allows you to make her the most original.

A comfortable house and a beautiful land, a cozy square or unusual modern street - is the result of proper via decorating
a plurality of elements such as fences, railings, structures, shapes and flower beds.
Their skillful placement of certainly create a light atmosphere in the areas of recreation,urban setting, on a private courtyard.
Small architectural forms are both functional and artistic appointment.

Decorative elements in the form of geometric shapes in harmony with surface paving slabs. The benches and urns are successfully entered in
urban design. Vases, flower pots, sculptures, waterfalls are ideal for parks and squares. Pergolas, arches, flower beds will complement the interior landscape on

The choice of architectural forms, of course, largely depends on the budget, but use small exterior form is always possible - the market today.
It offers a comprehensive range in a wide price range.So that small shapes can afford not only the oligarchs.
What can be achieved using small architectural forms?
Very much - to give the site personality, divide it into zones,change the design, emphases, use small form to create particular style.
They perform two important functions: make the site more territory aesthetic and provide comfort.

Scope of application: Improvement of the territories, squares, parks, cemeteries.

Scope of application: Improvement of the territories, squares, parks and squares.

Scope of application: Improvement of the territories, squares, parks and squares.

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